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About us:


The center focuses on teaching tennis for children and adults, training of professional tennis player`s, sports events, as well as the popularization of sports lifestyle. Main activity: Children's tennis school and Tennis club.

In the Children's Tennis School, we organise tennis lessons for children in groups of different directions: From subscription-based groups to teach children the game of tennis, to the sports groups with a view to to the sports future. In general, tennis lessons helps children to resolve an issue of physical training, because sometimes, unfortunately, our children sit all day, buried in screens of their gadgets. As a result they get many diseases, which are caused by low mobility and a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, tennis is not only sport, but also a fun game, so under our strict guidance, Your child will not only be healthy but also happy.

Within the Tennis club we organise training for adults. Our club employs true professionals, coaches with great sports career, some of them has already train up young tennis players. They will help you fall in love with this sport, teach racket control, stunning smash and power serve. You will learn all the subtleties of the game and will surely want to participate in our club tournaments. Also, for all of you, we will like to offer use our tennis courts for your daily trainings.


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