Adress: Moscow, Marshala Katukova 26

+7 (495) 632-00-35



About tennis school:

Children's tennis school Yantar is open all year round is located in a picturesque area of NWAD Moscow, the Big Stroginskiy zaton, with a wonderful view of the Moskva River, the Silver Forest. Ideal for year-round training.

Tennis - a very difficult sport, a sports game combines elements of different sports. Tennis requires not only a manifestation of physical qualities, but also the attention for a long time, quick response, the game of intuition and strong will.

Tennis allows students to develop qualities such as speed, endurance, strength, the ability to quickly find and take the right decisions, deliberate action to respond to his opponent.

The school has a professional coaching staff - candidate master, master of sports, master of sports of international class. All trainers are annual training. On a permanent basis engaged in 150 children and adolescents.

The school organizes master - classes with the stars of Russian tennis, round tables, seminars, workshops with leading experts in the field of tennis, complex testing throughout training.

The main directions of the work:

The school organizes a full cycle of education and training players. The school has a group in the following directions:

  • Tennis 10s - a group lesson 6-8 players.
  • Basic Training 6-8 players.
  • Subscription group 6-8 players.
  • Sports and recreation groups for teenagers.
  • Training groups of 4-5 players.

How to start training in groups:

We are pleased to invite all interested persons to review. We accept children from 4 years. The children's school tennis Yantar group beginning to engage on September 1. For information about the dates set in the tennis school you can find on our web site or by phone +7 (495) 632-00-35. Information on additional viewing at the beginning of the school year to appear on the site in September. Individual viewing - by appointment.

Those who know how to play tennis, browsing in the training group and a group of sports perfection. In some cases, there is a practice of private lessons with further enrollment in the group. Players with a rating our experts are ready to invite one of the sports groups throughout the year. Call us, and we have invited to view a specific group.